Egor Gerasimov – Stefanos Tsitsipas: forecast and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

As a basis, I took the statistics of the performances of tennis players on the open hard last season and the beginning of this. Yegor Gerasimov has 15 matches: 9 wins and 6 losses. On average, he makes 0.62 aces per game, and receives 0.58 aces from opponents. Tsitsipas has 24 matches in its asset over the same period of time: 17 wins and 7 losses. On average, he gives out 0.54 aces per game, and misses 0.58 aces from opponents. As you can see, at the reception of tennis players, the numbers coincide a penny to a penny, and at his serve, Gerasimov has a tiny advantage.

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Attentive readers will draw my attention to the fact that the tournament in Rotterdam is held not on the open hard, but in the hall. But if we take the statistics of the game not on a hard surface, but under a roof, then the Belarusian tennis player will again have an advantage. But the Greek has better numbers in the game at the reception. But in general, the chances are approximately equal.

In the careers of today’s opponents there are no matches against each other on a closed hard. But there is in the open. The meeting was held in February 2019. Tsitsipas celebrated the victory in the duel, but by aces the score was 4-5 in favor of Gerasimov. I think the Belarusian is quite capable of repeating that result, or at least keeping a plus handicap of one and a half ace.